Arvindaksha Educational Society’s Group Of Institutions

Dear Visitor,
                         Welcome aboard the Arvindaksha Educational Society`s Group of Institutions which is pioneer to start an integrated campus with multidiscipline in the vicinity of Suryapet. The mission of the government to make our country a developed country emphasizes the development of strong Science & Technology. Towards this and the institutions that impart quality education in Science & Technology assume importance. The Arvindaksha Educational Society is one such enthusiastic society run by people of eminence committed to impart quality Technical education to the people of Telangala Area. I am proved to be associated with it. Arvindaksha Educational Society`s Group of Institutions is an integration of three schools viz., Arvindaksha School of Engineering & Technology, Arvindaksha School of Management and Arvindaksha School of Pharmaceutical Sciences with an ambitious future expansion. As a Principal of this group of institutions, I can vouch safe every ward a quality, value based education and also the skills that are required for high settlement. We have also planned to conduct several academic and personality development programmes. I have a crew of well qualified team of youngsters having abundant zeal to bring name and fame to the institutions on every front. I also take this opportunity to seek the cooperation, constructive suggestions from the parents, elite and who so ever desirous of helping our journey towards success in all our endeavors. Any suggestions are highly welcome and we take them whole heartedly as blessings towards our success.            

Dr. G. V. B. Sharma, Principal Director