Arvindaksha Educational Society’s Group Of Institutions

       Arvindaksha belives growing steadily and provide higher and higher accademic opportunities to the students in the vicinity of S.R.P.T, in perticulars and the districts in general as well as the state at large.
       Towards this end M.Tech Course were started with effect from from accordamic year is 2012-2013 duly permitted by AICTE as under courses.
            Admissions usually start at the beginning of June and continue till the month of August every year. Students are admitted to the college under 2 categories that is A and B. Category A admissions are through GATE or PGCET and category B is the management quota. The criteria for admission in the management quota is that the student has to obtain first class in his/her qualifying examination. 70% of the seats are filled under category A and 30% under the management quota.These admissions are subject to approval by the State Council of Higher Education.
Admissions for M.TECH

S.NO Course Branch Year of started Intake Categories
A            B            TOTAL    
1 M.Tech C.S.E 2012 12            06            18
1 M.Tech V.L.S.I 2012 12            06            18