Arvindaksha Educational Society’s Group Of Institutions

      Arvindaksha Educational Society's Group of Institutions being an Integrated Campus, as prescribed and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education, A Central Library is provided to cater to the needs of all the three schools. The central library has a floor area of 635 Sq.Mtr. It has 3, 414 titles and 15,598 volumes scatterred over all the five braches of Engineering as well as Pharmacy and MBA. courses offerred by us. The college is subscribing to 73 National and 19 International journals. Online subscription of IEEE, ASME, ASCE and International journals through AICTE INDEST. The college is a member of DELNET, an Delhi. Government sponsored "Society for Networking for Excellence in Technical Education". In an attempt to overcome the serious shortage of well-qualified and experienced teachers in certain engineering disciplines, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has set up this society. A library is not simply a collection of books. It is the repository of knowledge stored in books and other sources of information. Indeed it is the heart of an academic institution. Library is also the access point for documents, artwork, CDs, DVDs, Project reports, and books related to the Science and Technology, Management. The Library at our College is well equipped which enjoys all the facilities mentioned above. The ambience in the library is congenial to cater to the needs of all readers, students, researchers and faculty. The library also subscribes to National, and International journals, Magazines, besides having a separate newspapers section providing 07 Newspapers. e-journals: Subscribes to Indenst AICTE consortium, IEL online.

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