Arvindaksha Educational Society’s Group Of Institutions

       “If a student is to learn effectively the class room and surroundings should be pleasant”- Pluto, Greek philosopher teacher.

    Living upto the quotation cited above, the premises of basic sciences have been made the surroundings of pleasant and acadmically conducive for the students who learn from us.In the laboratory, a system of continuous assessment has been introduced with the faculty spending all the time discussing with the students various aspects of experiments performed. Latest experiments like solar cell, Hall Effect, Laser, fiber Optics, T.E.P, Dielectric Constant, Michelson Interferometer, E.S.R were introduced in the Physics laboratory itself speaks highly about the committment of the management in providing good laboratories and make the students best available employable lot. To reinforce what they had learnt and also to teach them better communication skills, each student is required to give two seminars on laboratory experiment in a year. The students are required to submit assignments, which are designed to inculcate the habit of critical thinking in them.

    The qalified and experience faculty of the department work harad to impart quallity education laying better academic foundation to enable the students to complete the other years of study at ease.