Arvindaksha Educational Society’s Group Of Institutions

       The Bench mark for the advancement of every living organism as well as the alround development of countries across the globe is the existence of better comunication system. More the sofisticated communication system, the advanced the country is considered. Thus, the communication engineerings are always hot cakes in the market much before they complete their schooling. The Electronics and Comuunication Systerms Engineering being the blend of Communication System and the core of Computers, the Electronics, is of utmost demand and hence in the recent past most of the takers put it on the top of their option list. Thus, the Electronics and Communication Systems, fmilar as ECE, department has been carefully crafted at Arvindaksha so as to have fully equipped laboratories viz.,Microprocessor,Microwave Engineering, Communication Engineering,Digital,Analog Communication and Simulation Labs with sofisticated special equipment such as digital strorage Oscilloscope, EPABX,Digital IC Tester, LinearIC Tester,8086 Micro Controller and licensed Software like Matalab 7.7etc.Students of E. C.E Dept have been motivated to form an association for laying a foundation towards Humanitarian outlook with a vision of charity. The department has richly experienced, committed and qualified faculty as per the norms of AICTE that strive hard for shaping the careers of the wards and see that they are well placed.

S.No. Highlights of the Department List of Laboratory
1 EPABX. Computer Communication
2 Digital IC Tester Microprocessor
3 Linear IC Tester Microwave Engineering
4 8096 Micro controller Communication Engineering
5 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Digital Electronics Circuit
6 LCD Projector, Laser Printer IDC Control
7 Licensed software’s like: Mat lab 7.7, Xilinx 10.1 Computer Lab

Department List
»    Computer Science Engineering
»    Electrical and Electronics Engineering
»    Mechanical Engineering
»    Civil Engineering
»    Mathemetics
»    Physics
»    Chemistry
»    English
»    Pharmacy
»    M.B.A