Arvindaksha Educational Society’s Group Of Institutions

                                              This is an integration of there schools viz., Arvindaksha School of Engineering & Technology; Arvindaksha School of Management and Kondal Reddy School of Pharmaceutical Sciences coming up in a campus spread over 20.13 acres of land. The super structure housing the three schools is worth about 13.0 Crores and the built up area comes out to be 17, 380 sq. metrs. The institutions have the distinction of being the pioneer multi-discipline integrated campus and also being the first ever offering the MBA degree not only in vicinity of Suryapet but also in the district.

Motto of the Institution:

i)  Strive to serve the students selflessly.
ii)  Shape the students into disciplinary youth of good character and culture.
iii)  Make the students employable lot duly emphasizing practical experience enabling them to become entrepreneurs.
iv)  Facilitate character and personality development.


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