Arvindaksha Educational Society’s Group Of Institutions

          During late 20th century,not only the Computer Science but also the Information Technology have registered galloping growth both on the technology side as well as the utilitarian side. More so in the light of the governments contemplating implementation of IT at the grass root level viz., to the citizen of smallest town. Thus the computer science emerged top on the priority list of both academics as well as the career. Further as a natural expectation every human including the parents do wish to have a four wheeler start of the life and hence opt for Computer science course and start living at a high level both inland and also abroad.The computer science and Engineering department keeps abreast of the rapidly changing development in computer Science and Information Technology. In order to see that best results come handy to the students of Arvindaksha, the Computer Science & Engineering Deparrment has been well equipped with latest specifications systems, software and established an advance laboratories in the region . Students of C.S.E Dept have been motivated to form an association for laying a step towards Humanity with a vision of charity. The department has well experienced, committed and qualified faculty that strive hard for shaping the careers of the wards.

S.No. Highlights of the Department List of Laboratory
1 Computer Software. Vintoncerf Lab.
2 Hardware and Design Lab. Dennis Ritche Lab.
3 Computer Center with CAD Facility. Computer Center
4 Project Lab. Computer Hardware Lab.
5 Laser Printer M.Tech Lab
6 Zenith Make Internet Server
7 Broad Band with 24 MBPS Band Width.